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Alexey S. Kondrashov CV


1978 - 1984 Candidate of Biology (PhD) (Evolutionary Genetics) from Research Computing Center, Pushchino

1973 - 1978 Diploma of Higher Education (MSc) (Zoology and Genetics) from Lomonosov Moscow Federal University


2006 - Andrei R. Skovoroda Collegiate Professor, Life Sciences Institute and Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Michigan

1999 - 2006 Senior Investigator, National Center for Biotechnology Information, NIH

1993 - 1999 Assistant and Associate (1996) Professor, Section of Ecology and Systematics, Cornell University

1990 - 1992 Associate Visiting Scientist, Lab. of Genetics, U. of Wisconsin, Madison; Research Associate, Department of Ecology and Evolution, U. of Chicago; Research Associate, Department of Biology, U. of Oregon, Eugene

1978 - 1990 Junior Researcher and Researcher (1986), Research Computing Center, Pushchino, USSR



2006 – present University of Michigan. Evolution (a junior-level required course and an introductory graduate course), Population and Quantitative Genetics (senior-level elective course).

1993 - 1999 Cornell University. Evolution (two sophomore-level courses: for biology majors and for non-majors); Population and Evolutionary Ecology (advanced undergraduate course, with D. Winkler); Population Genetics (advanced undergraduate course); Theoretical Population Genetics (introductory graduate course); Mathematical Ecology (introductory graduate course, with C. Castillo-Chavez); Evolutionary Genetics of Reproduction (graduate course); Genetics of Structured Populations (graduate course, with R. Durret and C. Green); Speciation (advanced graduate course).

1991 University of Chicago. Evolution of Reproduction (with B. and D. Charlesworth and S. Pruett-Jones)

1984 - 1990 Moscow State University. Population Genetics; Mathematical and Computer Methods in Biology, Moscow State University (a team course)

1981 - 1989 Pushchino High School. Advanced Biology (with S. I.Rozanov)



1995 - 1998 PI to NSF grant "Evolutionary Genetics of Deleterious Mutations"

1996 - 1998 PI to NSF grant "The Effect of Relaxed Selection on Population Fitness"

1999 - 2002 co-PI (later, consultant) to NSF grant "Recessive Lethals in Wild Fish Populations"

2010 - 2012 PI to Russian Government grant № 11.G34.31.0008



Baku (Azerbajan); Montreal, Toronto (Canada); Beijing (China); San Jose (Costa Rica); Cologne, Heidelberg, Seewiesen (Germany); Debrecen (Hungary); Sde Boker, Eilat, Haifa, Tel Aviv, Rehovot (Israel); Riga (Latvia); Ignalina, Vilnius (Lithuania); Cisinau (Moldova); Chernogolovka, Dubna, Moskva, Novosibirsk, Primorskiij, Pushchino, Sankt-Piterburg (Russia); El Escorial (Spain); Stockholm (Sweden); Bath, Brighton, Cambridge, Edinburgh, London, Liverpool, Oxford, Warwick (UK); Ann Arbor, Asilomar, Baltimore, Bethesda, Blacksburg, Boston, Boulder, Cold Spring Harbor, Atlanta, Davis, DeKalb, Madison, New Haven, Raleigh, Rochester, Salt Lake City, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, Snowbird, St. Paul, Stony Brook (USA); Samarkand (Uzbekistan).


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