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Логачёва Мария Дмитриевна

Education and research:

2000 – 2005    student at the Moscow State University of M.V.Lomonosov, Faculty of Biology (specialization: botany)

2005 - 2008     Ph.D. student at the Faculty of bioengineering and bioinformatics, Moscow State University (specialization: molecular biology)

2008-present Researcher at Department of evolutionary biochemistry, A.N. Belozersky institute, Moscow State University.

2010–present Researcher at Laboratory of evolutionary genomics, Faculty of bioengineering and bioinformatics, Moscow State University.


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Research interests:

Plant phylogenetics, flower development and evolution, evolutionary genomics.


Ministry of education and science of Russian Federation (state contract № P913)

Russian foundation for basic research (project № 11-04-02031)